8 tips for people with herpes to avoid dating scammers

avoid romance scammersIt's convenient to find a date online for busy people. And it also is a great way to find support groups, useful information and relationship on some dating websites for people with herpes. But the network is no safer than the real world. If you are trying the online dating, you need to watch out for the hidden romance scammers. Here are 8 tips on how to avoid the scammers.

1. Be careful of the people who are too good to be true.
Scammers like using modeling shot photos or stolen photos from internet. Check the photos carefully to see if they conform to the description on profile. Please also do a Google image search on the photos. If the photo are stolen from other place or marked as scammer photos, you are likely to find it by search engineers. Another quick way to verify if the people is who they are showing in the photo is to ask for a photo with today's date on it and their user id. Scammers can not produce them.

2. Beware of the profile description with the words like god fearing, caring, honest and sense of humor ect. Scammers talk a lot about honesty. Their profiles state that they don't mind your race, age or income. Google the username and their descriptions since scammers often copy the information from others' profile. If you find any same profiles but another person in that profile, it probably is a scammer or fake profile.

3. Pay attention on the emails.

The scammers wish you to contact them by personal email address not the dating platform. They like to leave you an email address or phone number before the dating sites block them. Please try to use the dating sites for communication before meeting them in person. Many dating sites screen the profiles and help you avoid scammer, don't contact others by your private email address.

4. High education level & high income, but poor writing.

To save time and email as many people as they can before being kicked off from the dating sites, many scammers use spam emails to contact their victims in the first time contact. But if you ask questions in your reply, they will often not reply to your letters directly, but will use cut and paste info from stolen profiles and love letters online since they do poor writing. If they claim to be in USA or Canada and speak the way a West African would then it's a huge warning sign something's wrong.

5. They fall in love with you quickly, be very alarmed.

If one normal person thinks you are great and want to date you, she/he is willing to take the time to know you well before making any type of commitment. If they are moving too fast declaring their love, they are not the right person for you.

6. Pay attention on the phone call.

Scammers don't like phone calls, but if someone call you, try to tell ff the person speaks with a foreign accent or doesn't speak english very well. Beware of the accents are so thick you can barely understand them (because they are likely in Nigeria, Ghana or some Asia countries and english is not their first language).

7. Different locations and financial issues.

They often live in a country in Africa or Asia but state they come from the US or Europe. They are "stuck" there by some circumstance beyond their control. Some start by making you believe they are in the US but are traveling for business to Africa or Asia. Once they are there, they will have an emergency that requires financial help. Other money problems include: lost job, money stolen, to pay the rent or repairs, to pay hotel bill, to buy a return ticket home from another city/country, is arrested for drunken driving etc. They want your urgent help and promise to return soon. Don't be cheated by those lies.

8. All about money.

Scammers only want your money, not your love. Except the excuses mentioned above, some scammers often use the story that they will come visit you but needs money for a visa, airline ticket, insurance, travel-pass, medical reports etc to scam your money.

Read the safety tips and avoid being scammed. Please do remember: Never, ever wire money to someone that you chat online. For more dating tips, please check our site regularly. We will post more useful online dating tips for singles.