Tips for women with herpes - from dating sites for people with herpes

herpes dating tipsIt’s not easy to restart the dating scene for the most of people who have been diagnosed with genital herpes, especially for females. The fear of rejection and the social prejudice on sexually transmitted diseases makes people feel that it’s impossible to have a romantic relationship again. Fortunately, along with internet widely applied, more and more people are understanding the herpes disease and changing the bias on people with herpes. If you search on the internet, you will find that there are many dating sites for people with herpes, these dating sites give people a better chance to have passion on relationship again.

After you’ve contracted the herpes virus, you may think that your dating life is over. It’s not! Yes, Herpes is a virus that never goes away – it is with you forever. However, having the herpes virus doesn’t mean the dating life is over. Dating can be done with folks who understand what herpes is.

In fact, there are a number of websites geared toward people living with herpes. They are ideal for women who often feel more emotions after being diagnosed with the herpes virus.

While herpes dating websites do have support groups and a plethora of information about herpes and dating, women still have difficulty in dating once more. Therefore, women need the tools to remember they are not alone.

Special Note: If both partners are infected with the herpes virus but with different strains, it’s important to use condoms since both partners can become re-infected.

4 Important Tips To Help Women Date After Their Herpes Diagnosis

1. Be Open With Them

Women diagnosed with herpes find it hard to talk to their partners about their disease. If you don’t tell them about it though, it will only hurt them. Therefore, you should be honest about your disease. Be sure your date is aware of the diagnosis and understands the condition before things get real serious. They may actually appreciate you for telling them.

2. Be sure You Have Confidence In Yourself

While it can be hard to deal with a herpes condition, you have to contend with it. Although you may have a sexually transmitted disease, your life isn’t over. It’s still possible to have a normal life and date. The key to it is to have some self-confidence – to accept the condition and be okay with it. It’s hard, but when you have self-confidence, it’s easier to let your partner know when you do start dating.

3. Remind Yourself That You’re Gorgeous

A herpes diagnosis isn’t the end of the world. Many women, upon hearing the diagnosis, stop taking care of themselves. Don’t do this to yourself. You are still a wonderful person, even with a herpes infection. You may have flaws, but you can still find a person who will love you. Keep up a good attitude and remember to pamper yourself every now and again.

4. Get STD test before intimate activity.

Although we are all looking for a relationship of some sort or love, it is important that we take our time before we meet face to face with those we meet on the dating sites for people with herpes or other dating platforms. It is just as important that we remain open and honest, but every will not be that way. To protect yourself if you are going to meet and engage in intimate activity, please visit a doctor or clinic together for ALL std testing. Just in case. No one wants a repeat lesson on the responsibility of protecting yourself.

And, go ahead and start dating!