5 tips to improve your response rate on herpes dating

dating response rateHave you found that most of the emails and winks you sent out on dating sites were lost without any responses? Tired of waiting for emails on your online dating websites? If so, you need to learn something and increase your response rate. Before giving the tips, we should know why most of members get less replies from others, especially to male users.

Many singles would think with the thousands of people on dating platforms that seeking at least one partner would be easy. But in fact, it's not easy to find your special one. The studies from dating experts show that, for men on general dating sites, every twenty messages you sent out, only one will be responded. But on dating sites for people with herpes, the reply rate is little higher than that on general sites. However, it's still a terrible rate. There may be several common reasons for this situation.

Firstly, there is a disproportionate ratio of men to women on most dating platforms. On some general sites by a ratio of 70% men to 30% women. It means that if you are male, you are in the highly competitive market, to draw more attentions from women, you have to improve you online dating skills and outstand from the crowd. Secondly, most of the dating websites won't tell you that who are active or inactive. Many emails will become the dead letters. You will never get a response from a inactive profile. And the last reason - your poor writing and low quality profile will turn off the fire from the opposite sex. To increase the response rate, you'd better to learn something from this post or research online.

Here are 5 tips for improving the response rate to your online dating communications:

1. Create a great profile with photos.

Make sure you have at least two pictures for your online profile. Make sure the photos are recent and that you are decent in the way you present yourself. Having one shoulder and up shot and at least one full body shot is better than having a group photo that other people can not recognize you easily. It's time to find a different one of just you. For guys, outdoor activity or sports photos are great. For women, photos with pets will draw people to you.

2. Writing skills for your profile and emails.

Please do remember: Never mention your ex anywhere in your profile and emails. No one likes reading your love story. Other things like children, divorce and misspellings all result in bad impression. Read the profiles carefully if you are going to email someone. Find something in common and start the topic from there. Before sending the messages to others members, check your spelling and grammar please. And being a bit more specific about where you'd like to meet up for a date in your messages increases desirability.

3. Take a good selfie

Selfie photos are quite popular now on the internet especially for the young. And a great selfie photo on your profile conveys the message that you are positive and optimistic to your life. A great selfie is what sets apart the winners from the losers. Fewer filters means higher confidence and a full body shot improves interest by over 200%. Any good selfie also comes with a solid background. For men, this means anything outdoors. Some say it hearkens to the more desirable rugged side.

4. Find right dating sites and right people

On the general dating sites, as we mentioned above, the big imbalance on genders makes the response rate much different to men and women. If you are a normal person without any characteristics that can be noticed by others, you will be disappointed to the online dating. It's better to join some niche dating websites which gather the like-minded people into one platform. For example, if you are 50+ years old, you'd better to join a senior dating site. If you have herpes, join dating websites for people with herpes, the people on these sites have the same condition. All looking to find love just like you are.

5. Ask questions related to your potential match

Sharing something about yourself in the emails is ok, but don't try so hard to mention everything in your life. Find something you interested in their profiles and ask questions about them. You should have a topic in your conversation so that others can join your conversation. Write creative messages, not a direct copy of your profile. Writing something personal takes more time, but you're far more likely to get a response if you show you've actually paid attention.