11 dating tips for your first date

first dating tipsWhen you are finally meeting someone you have been chatting with on the dating sites, usually you are going out for the first date. You want the date to be special no matter where you are going and you want to make a good first impression. There are many dating tips on the internet, but we still list some valuable advices for the beginners especially for the people with herpes.

1. Don't talk about your past relationship. Most of us don't like to know too much about your EXs. If he/she ask why are you single? Keep it short by saying in a nice way "the past is the past" with a smile.

2. Don't put your financial problems out there. Like serious who want a broke girlfriend/boyfriend but most of all you will seem like you looking for a sugar daddy.

3. Show that you are classy and polite, smile, say thank you and keep voice a normal pitch. Don't check your phone frequently.

4. Communication is the key. Long deep conversations is perfect, because you grab his attention so he can see who you really are.

5. Don't talk about yourself too much. Ask something about your partner. Give her/him more chances to talk.

6. Dress to impress but keep something to the imagination.guys love for ladies to look sexy but they don't want to have to worry do you dress like this on the first date with every man you date.

7.If you are dinning out on your first date please don't get drunk. know your limit. Who want to make a drunk they girlfriend.

8.Don't come off to strong!! (putting down all the rules you want from a guy,less is more)

9.Never tell him the mistakes you made in the past. (that can scare him/her off)

10. Be honest and be yourself, even if you don't deem yourself "good enough", everyone is attracted to different qualities and you may just have them, if you want to meet the right person, always be yourself.

11. Be safe: No matter where you go, make sure at least one of your family member or your friend knows your precise location and telephone number for your date. Always let someone know the phone number of the people you will meet, your planned destination, the mode of transportation, and when you will return home. These simple tasks ensure your safety with a heretofore unknown date.